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About BotQueue

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BotQueue was started by Zach Hoeken. His other work includes co-founding MakerBot Industries, building, designing the Sanguino, co-founding NYC Resistor and lately helping startups at HAXLR8R.

The current lead developer is Justin Nesselrotte. Check out his blog!


We've received lots of help along the way, and here are some people who have contributed greatly to the BotQueue project directly or indirectly:

Of course this project also owes a huge debt to the many people who have developed awesome open source 3D printers, electronics, firmware, and all the other things that BotQueue is built on top of. Keep on rocking!

Hey You! If you run into any problems, please report a bug. Make sure to include the bumblebee/info.log file if it is client-related.