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Bumblebee - Official Client App

Bumblebee is the software that runs on your computer itself and turns it into a herder of bots. This application will pull down jobs from, and direct your 3D printer to create them. Bumblebee is Mac / Linux only. It is alpha software and runs from the command line. Most interaction happens through the website.

It is can control the following types of machines:

  • Most RepRap Machines (w/ grbl, Sprinter, marlin, etc)
  • MakerBot Replicator - experimental / shitty driver that barely works.

It can control the following types of machines:

The latest version of Bumblebee is v0.5

For instructions on how to install and configure Bumblebee, please see the help page.

App Management

You need to login to the site in order to manage your apps.

Hey You! If you run into any problems, please report a bug. Make sure to include the bumblebee/info.log file if it is client-related.